About Us

Integritam Construction Consultancy are legally qualified, specialist construction consultants providing contractual and commercial advice and solutions to the construction industry. We are renowned for our no nonsense, pragmatic and commercial approach to dispute avoidance and dispute resolution.

We understand only too well the hardship and financial strain disputes can bring to bear on our clients. That is why our aim is quite simply to help and assist them in avoiding and resolving their dispute or difference through the provision of robust, informed and technically sound advice.

We care passionately about achieving the right balance between the needs of our clients and the costs involved. By applying our unique combination of legal, commercial and practical knowledge and experience, we strive to formulate cost effective solutions that benefit our clients:

“The basis of our client relationship is founded on strong principles and the utmost integrity which is why repeat business is at the hub of our success.”

Andrew Milner
MRes (Const. Law), LLM, MSc (Const. Law), BSc, MRICS, MCIArb, MAE
Founder and Principal Consultant